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Best Golf Round in Ages

There are a few projects on the go with members of the RDFC.   Wes Steel is working on a BearHawk, Andrew Tiong is working on a composite pusher carnard style aircraft,  while Wendell Brown is building a piper style homebuilt.  Norm Vienneau is working on alternative power plants for his little Buzzard Ultralight.   Norm  has spent most of the winter and early spring converting a G10 Geo metro motor to replace his Rotax 582 in the little Buzzard .  After more than 20 hrs of testing including numerous circuits and a short flight to Innisfail and back the motor was pulled and the 582 put back into the Buzzard.  The G10 motor would allow the plane to fly but there was no extra for that occasion where emergencies dictated more.  The plans are to continue development of an alternative power source with a G13BB engine by Suzuki.  The 582 was put back into the plane as Norm just needed to do some flying.  You know how it is.


 "Wednesday June 29th was scheduled to be a golf day but when I showed up for my tee time I found my group was already putting out on the first green. (Miscommunication on tee times)  I was driven out to join them on the second hole.  My first shot was a push slice and it didn't get any better on the second and third shot.  I looked at the air and thought what am I doing here when I could be up there.  I told my playing group I would wave to them from the air.  Off to the airport and into the plane.  The air was perfect for a flight around Red Deer.  Then west to Gary Hillman's country strip.  Just a note the strip is pretty wet and I was not sure if the Buzzard was going to get me out.  Longer than normal run and weeds on the struts and landing gear but once more I slipped the bonds of earth.  10 miles east and I was back to Red Deer Regional for a coffee at the Circuit Cafe and some hangar flying.  Then wash the plane before I put her away safely for another day of adventure and flying.   BTW the 582 ran perfectly with the egts reading 1050 to 1100 and the water temp just a little high at 185 to 190.  It was great to be back in the air."

"Best Golf round in ages" 

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