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John Radomsky

As I was taxing back to my hanger John Radomsky was headed out to Wolfe Lake for a morning flight.  Here is a brief email and picture from John.

Wolf Lake Forestry Strip. 100nm NW of CYQF on a track of aprox 291 deg mag. Aprox SE of Edson. Currently maintained by the Barhead Flying Club. According to a 1991 CFS:  N53 13 W 116 05, rwy 06/24, 3500 asl, 2500ft turf.

Strip is in good condition but a little rougher than Ram Falls. Grass 6-10 in. Apparently will be cut soon. No problem for a 150/172.

Lots of wild strawberrys along NE edge of strip. Provincial campground 1/2 mile south. Campground attendent - a very friendly elderly gentleman named Rolf lives near the east end of the strip. Picnic table and fire pit NE corner of strip adjacent to the old Forest Service cabin.


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