Uncertainty of Banff and Jasper airstrips resolved.

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Long awaited amendments to the National Parks Aircraft Access Regulations were Gazetted (came into law) on February 13, meaning Banff and Jasper continue to be available for emergency/diversionary use and Jasper is now available for non-commercial recreational use... READ MORE

Around the middle of June 2013, a weather system started pushing up against the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta. For days this system dumped huge amounts of water on the foothills and edge of the mountains which resulted in rivers flooding anything in their paths. The towns of Canmore, Bragg Creek, Kananaskis, Calgary, Turner Valley, High River, Siksika, plus other assorted towns and settlements located downstream from the mountain runoffs, swiftly and suddenly were swept under by the flooding waters... READ MORE

Member, Bert Lougheed recently presented the John Page Trophy award to the Dale Brown family. In the past 6 years Dale has attended 60 meetings, 60 Executive meetings and many other meetings and projects. We also thank Christine (absent) for supporting Dale in this endeavor. She often coordinates the food for several Pancake Breakfasts and other meetings throughout the year for the Flying Club. We would also like to thank Ethan for his involvement in the club. Ethan has hardly missed a meeting since he was 9 years old. We are happy to present this award to the Dale Brown family.

John Page Trophy awarded to the Dale Brown family

At this year's North 40 Fly-In event we were lucky enough to have a fantastic photographer in attendance. A big thank you to Duane Starr Photography for your beautiful photos. 


To view the photos, please clink the following link:



2014 North 40 Fly-In

Congratulations to Ida Provincial!! She was our free airplane ride winner from our 2014 Fly-In/Drive-In Pancake Breakfast. 


Would you hesitate to declare an emergency?
2014 Pancake Breakfast Free Ride Winner

The fact that all three of my passengers were throwing up simultaneously left me three options: Tough it out and press on to our destination; join them in their nauseous state; or declare an emergency and get the hell on the ground....


A memorial monument is in the works for the Red Deer Regional Airport to commemorate those who died while training in Central Alberta.

A group of people from various aviation societies are raising $7,000 to create a special six-foot structure to honour those who made an ultimate sacrifice in the region.... READ MORE

Aviation Memorial Monument - Support our Project, remember our heros 
Harvard Monument

A significant and symbolic represntation of our history and heritage. Its an honour to be able to communicate our history to the generations to come. Come out and see the Harvard on display.

More than 100 people turned out at Red Deer Airport on Saturday for the unveiling of a memorial to 44 airmen who lost their lives training at CFB Penhold during the Second World War and the Cold War. CLICK HERE and read the full story from the Red Deer Advocate.

Airmen lost in training remembered at CFB Penhold

A once abandonded airstrip, the Ram Falls landing location is a favoured spot for pilots all over central Alberta. View this great article on the Ram Falls landing strip by the Rocky Mountain House Mountaineer. READ MORE

Ram Falls Airstrip - Feature story in the Rocky Mountain House Mountaineer.

Her name was Maddie, she was 11 years old, and she had never been in a small plane before. Dark-haired and dark-eyed, smaller and shyer than her giggling friends, Maddie had surprised me by shooting her hand skyward when I asked who wanted to sit up front. “OK, but just so you know, you might have to fly the plane for a bit,” I cautioned with a wink... CLICK HERE to read the full article.