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Wetaskiwin Visit

The Red Deer Flying Club  flew to the Wetaskiwin Air Museum March 20/2010.  We had twelve planes fly to the Wetaskiwin air Musuem for a tour and lunch at the cafe.  Pilots and planes included Wes in his 150, Jim in the 172, Herb in his 182, Matt flying the 172, Grant in the Cherokee, Phillip and Ron in the Piper, Glen with his Mooney, Wil and daughter Nikki in their 172, Rod in the 140, Gary in his Cub, and Norm even made the trip in his Buzzard  We were able to use taxiway C to the museum and were given a briefing and overview at 10.30 once all had arrived.  The trip was a perfect kick off the the first day of spring. Below are some pictures of the ramp area after our arrival:

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